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Fallen behind bit over the weekend and been in court all day.


Listen to your body. Don't overdo things but at the same time don't overestimate your own ability. Sometimes I'm absolutely trashed and have to stop after 10 minutes. Other times I'm just being lazy.

But I would keep the frequency down at first. The whole point of this is graduation.


Good luck. I could post some guff about deadlifting 600lbs but it would be an outright lie or theft from somewhere else. I wrote this programme for myself and have followed it through 3-4 times (sometimes after long periods of heavy workload I just go back to the start again so I don't go out and wreck myself running). This has worked for me. But it is my programme pretty much exactly save that you can't replicate my benchmark runs and I would say that some room for experimentation is totally viable.


Just read your post before I left for the weekend on Friday and gave it a lot of thought on the train.

I would like to say 'no' running should be the most natural thing, look at children. I guess that's the romantic answer. Sadly, I see people out and about with the weirdest technique (I have to say a lot of woman run badly - the weak abductor/adducter argument? Can't remember which and just plain damn sloppy running). So yes, some work with a proper coach is going to be beneficial to anyone just as seeing a proper swimming coach will work wonders and being taught to ride a bike efficiently is going to make you a better riders.

On the subject of bikes, loads of people I see need to be sorted out, mainly for their set up which is appalling (seat too low, handlebars wrong etc.) or overgearing.

Sorry, rushing this.
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