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I don't think this looks too bad at all. You deliver your hips and retreat them really well. You're jumping forward slightly and I think that's because you stop your pull in with your lats too early (it looked like the bar came in but just slightly). Because this happens, you bring your hips to the bar and not vice versa. What happens after that is the bar shoots way in front of you so you jump forward to compensate. When you receive it, it's still traveling backwards (a big loop) but you're strong enough to control it. That same hip delivery about 4-5 inches back would make that bar travel closer to your body and you'll put up a lot of weight.
Think about bringing the bar back into your hips. Relax your arms and just allow your lats to do the pulling and think "pull through the heels". Does that make sense? I think this video illustrates what I'm trying to explain:
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