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Seems you have made quite a bit of progress since you started! Looking pretty good!

For the snatch, the pull positions are looking good. As Thomas said it seems you are beginning to pull with the arms a bit early. Try to keep those arms long and think about towing the bar up and pushing the bar close using the lats. You want to keep that tension against the bar as you pull under as well (to keep the bar close and pull it into place).

Your turnover was a bit short and that is what cause you to feel a bit unstable. Try to keep that bar close on the way up and really pull it up and back over the neck.

For the clean, the rack position has improved leaps and bounds since the last time. Seems you are able to hold that position for the jerk as well! I would suggest trying to stand up right out of the bottom of that squat. Try not to sit down there too long, make sure your posture is tight and drive right out of that squat.

Good work! Hope training keeps going well!
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