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Tuesday 1/1/2013

Happy New Year!

Time for some goal setting. Actually I've been working on my goals for 2013 for the last few months and plan my training for the entire year.

Here are some of my athletic goals for 2013
  • Big Sur International Marathon (BSIM) 5K Mud Run in March
  • BSIM 10.6 miler in April
  • Wharf-to-Wharf 10K in July
  • Climb 2-5 Peaks from June through September
  • Get back in the climbing gym and Boulder at the V1 level
  • Snatch 160#
  • Clean & Jerk 185#
  • Back Squat 270#
  • Front Squat 225#

I've already registered for the first two events in March and April. I am looking to add 60# to my snatch and clean & jerk and to do a 1.5x bodyweight back squat.

After I finish the current Stength by Feel cycle I will be implementing some hybrid training that will take me through August. I will discuss this later in more detail but it will include some weightlifting, gym climbing, and some running for a few months and then some hiking + GPP for a few months. In Sepetember I will probably be back to Catalyst Programming utililizing a 4-block Classic cycle to get me through the end of the year.
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