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The weight you'll use for the tall clean will presumably be A LOT lighter than you will be able to pull. While I don't think that a pull + tall clean complex will help you develop strength, you will be able to use the opportunity to beat proper technique into your muscle memory as you bring the bar up to your starting position for your tall clean (or snatch). Unless you're taking the bar off a set of blocks, you're going to have to pull the weight up. The trick to working portions of the lifts is to not forget how to perform the rest of the lift (naturally, performing the entire lift in a fluid motion falls into this category, too), therefore, it is in your best interest to practice taking the bar off the ground properly at all times.

I recommend taking the opportunity to practice your set up and technique at that point. However, like I said, you're not going to get much strength gains from it. For that, you should be doing heavy pulls apart from this exercise.

Lastly, your English is very good -- don't discredit yourself! Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

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