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Originally Posted by Michael Vaccaro View Post
Awesome advice guys! I definitely do not want to get ahead of myself! Thanks a lot.
I had a new female lifter cut from 69 to 63 last year. From July to October, she cut at least 6 kilos of bodyweight. Her squats essentially stayed the same, but she managed to put 13 kilos on her snatch and 18 kilos on her clean and jerk in that time period. So, being relatively new at lifting is also an "advantage."

What I tell my lifters is not to worry about bodyweight until your lifts are actually near the QT. So, I have a ton of recreational lifters who will NEVER worry about bodyweight for local meets. But, we also have multiple lifters who have qualified for national meets, and outside of my one superheavy male, we start thinking about it as their numbers get closer to qualifying.
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