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Default Exercise Instructions "anatomy questions"

Wasn´t really sure which forum this should be in. But it was searching for prehab exercises useful in gymnastics that i found the scapula routine so I´m just sticking with that theme...

Anyway, I have a few questions regarding the exercise descriptions in Ido Portals Scapula Routine found here.

The first is about "The Whippet" exercise. When drawing the scapula together & hands behind back position, it says to "maintain an externally rotated upper arm". Might be a simple one but what exactly defines an externally rotated arm position?

My other question is about the "Overhead Straight Arm Pull down" - In the bottom position where the Scapula are depressed youre supposed to "chamber the Humerus head (the end of the upper arm inserting into your shoulder capsule) into position. "

In other words what does it mean to chamber the humerus head into position?

Thanks in advance!
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