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Default update ...

I took everything (literally) that has been suggested and implemented it.

After rowing & joint prep + mobility (just weaknesses) I do a complex w/ the bar every day.

5 halting sn dl + 5 sn pull + 5 muscle snatch + 5 bhtn sn press + 5 OHS for 3 rds ... something like that. Changes between snatch and clean, movements change but even if I'm not snatching or cleaning, I do the complex. I don't rush the movements but focus on making each movement perfect, every time.

I've been concentrating on sweeping the bar in and have been doing halting snatch deadlifts with decent weight once or twice a week. I've also been doing pulls.

I managed to clean up the 'bang' pretty quick w/ any weight that is below 75%. I'm now at around 90% of my max consistently bang free. Still working on keeping the bar tighter as I pull under BUT it takes time.

Today went for a max and hit 210# in the snatch for a 5# pr. Best part was, no bang and was weighted evenly in the foot while in the squat making it feel really easy.

Thanks again guys!
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