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Default Program question

Greg et. al. I have a question regarding the 4-week Quick and Classic block program in the e-book. Unfortunately, I don't have the ebook, I got this program from someone who posted up a template for it.

Background, I turn 40 this year in June and am looking to be somewhat competive at the Master's Pan Ams in Chicago. I lift in the 85kg class, usually around 83kg BW. I have best lifts of 90kg/120kg and just started a regular full-time job again (after nearly 2 yrs off). I have done some contract work the last 4 months, but nothing steady.

Regarding number of days, would it be better to reduce volume a touch over the 5days, or just remove a day, because I don't think I can manage 5 days a week with everything. Also, on day 2 and 4, do you base the percentages on the full lifts, or on power version (day 2) and hang/pause lifts (day 4)?


BTW Greg, it was great meeting you at the AO back in Dec. This is Keith, who lifts with August and all in Phoenix.
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