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Originally Posted by Peter Möller View Post
The first is about "The Whippet" exercise. When drawing the scapula together & hands behind back position, it says to "maintain an externally rotated upper arm". Might be a simple one but what exactly defines an externally rotated arm position?
Stand with your arms hanging to your sides and turn your palms forward - that's external rotation. So in a behind the back arm position, you're trying to rotate the humerus that same way - you'll probably find that it helps you with that scapular protraction and vice versa.

Originally Posted by Peter Möller View Post
My other question is about the "Overhead Straight Arm Pull down" - In the bottom position where the Scapula are depressed youre supposed to "chamber the Humerus head (the end of the upper arm inserting into your shoulder capsule) into position. "

In other words what does it mean to chamber the humerus head into position?
It just means keeping the arm tight into the shoulder rather than letting it be distracted
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