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1) I think keeping things as temperate as possible is wise in general, but if you enjoy the heat, go for it. IIt may limit your capacity in certain respects, but by how much is questionable.

2) The SB is a vvery quick, aggressive movement. Just start conservatively and work up gradually. In theory you should be able to SB more than you snatch once you're familiar with the movement, but I think for some folks, it just doesn't work. For example, my best SB is only 1kg more than my best sn. I snatch push press so much more than I snatch that when I sn balance, I tend to just launch the bar overhead bbefore I can even startt moving down. A techhnique flaw on my part of course, but I decided snatching was a better wayy to improve my snatch than spending time doing great sn balances. You juust need to practice so you consistently get the bar in the right position.
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