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Think of the snatch (for example) like running & jumping over a hurdle. At some point running isn't going to be enough. You'll have to move differently to acjieve success.

Pulls with up to 130% is not a great idea. At that weight your technique is a lot different to what it looks like at 80% (for sample). I avoid teaching and doing high pulls, because it doesn't really mimick what happens when doing a full (or power) lift of any decent weight.

Try doing something like 'pull, pull, snatch / clean'. Have flat feet when doing your pulls. Remember it's a pattern of shrug -> extend -> squat > recover.

Snatch Pulls + Snatch [80/2+1], [85/2+1]3, [75/2+1]*]

* this reads as percentage of current best lift them reps. [85/2+1] is 85% 2 pulls then a final lift. The 2nd pull needs to be explosive or you'll never get under the bar, if its of any decent weight (or over the hurdle).
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