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Now a few more questions. Bahahaha.
Watching some misses from the other night I noticed an early arm pull (in the snatch) which resulted in me looping the bar out in front of my face. Seems to put me in my toes (of course).

These misses were at 90% so I went back and checked some lighter reps (60-80) and the arm pull wasn't there, loop was greatly reduced and I wouldn't jump forward/catch in my toes.

What I've also noticed, w/ my halting snatch deadlift, is that I reach a weight (about 85% of my snatch) where my form changes. Hips and shoulders don't rise in unison and I am less able to sweep the bar into my hips.
My thought is that it is around this weight where I compensate with an early arm bend in an attempt to get the bar into my hips during the snatch? Does that sound logical?

My thought is to work 5 x 3 Halting Sn DL at the weight JUST below my breaking point and to creep that up. When I do these my lats feel like blowing off of my back (in a good way) so I figure I am lacking something in that movement.
After the 5 x 3, to work on hips & shoulders rising in unison, I was thinking some heavier singles or doubles in the snatch deadlift. Try to strengthen that movement?
I do tall snatches, to reduce the ability to bend early and to pattern the bar close to the face, but the weight there is obviously limited.

Should I keep my reps below the weight where I arm bend, to avoid making that a habit? My thought is I can push my max up from below and have perfect reps versus just ending up muscling it up w/ compromised form.

Does this seem logical? Any suggestions and if I'm way out in left field w/ my thought process, let me know!

Thanks again!

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