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Looks OK to me if you're just starting out.

I tend to advocate 2 push/2 pull/ 1-2 legs but that's fine too if you want to go lighter to start and then build into some more volume.

1. I might switch up the order of the first 3 excercises on both days, prioritizeing a different excercise, but im not sure if i should.

That's fine

2. I will eventually add weight to my Pistol Squat

Go for it

3. On my one are Chin-up training i will do as many reps i can with 1 finger and one arm, then 2 fingers one arm, and finish the set with weight, i also do negatives on each one armed rep.

If you're going to do negatives do them first, and then assisted positives after that. That's a lot of volume though be careful about your shoulders and/or elbows

4. Im not sure weather to do wrist push-ups on my dynamic warm-up on my B day, or to use them as part of my warm-up sets for my HSPU

Doesn't matter.... I would just generally use them for mobility. You can do mobility any day you want not just workout days

5. I am doing weighted Rows and Pseudo push-ups to eventually get my planche, and front leaver.

That's fine.. though with front lever and planche usually you'll have to do some supplemental work too
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