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Training recap of last cycle 12DEC2012 to 18JAN2013
A really screwed up training cycle with a 12 day vacation in the middle then being sick at the tail end

OH press - 100 x 12, 105 x 10, 110 x 10
squat - 205 x 11, 215 x 6, 230 x 6
bench - 195 x 7, 205 x 7, 215 x 4
deadlift - 295 x 6, 315 x 2, 365 x 1(grinder)

BW on 10DEC2012 = 189
BW on 18JAN2013 = 187

Eating wise I'm pleased with my progress considering 10/12 days of traveling and vacation I ate like people typically eat over the holidays.

Training wise my lifts are still going up as I decrease BW and that is all I can ask for.

Running - Been more consistent but still not hitting my goal of 4x a week, that is my focus this next training cycle
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