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breakfast: scrambled eggs with salsa and sliced avocado and bacon
snack: bugs in a boat (carrot sticks with almond butter, coconut flakes and raisins)
lunch: leftover turkey sweet potato stew
dinner: beef stew (potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, beef broth, tomato paste, mushrooms, etc.)
snack: raw nut trail mix

workout: none--had a book group meeting


breakfast: eggs, avocado slices, bacon
snack: raw almonds
lunch: leftover beef stew
snack: a cup of coffee with one packet of sugar and cream (cheat #1/3)
dinner: carrots and raw almond butter, and the rest of the stew (about half a bowl)

workout: BJJ. we worked back escapes--one positonal escape, one sweep, a half guard sweep, a reguard


breakfast: eggs with mushrooms and a bit of parmesan cheese
snack: jasmine green tea
lunch: this amazing African stew with kale and chicken and sunflower butter
snack: a couple of handfuls of raw trail mix
dinner: we went out for dinner and a movie; i had chicken pad thai w/ rice noodles (cheat #2/3)

workout: none--dinner and a movie
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