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I would buy eleiko over anything. Its what I have and have trained on. I would also spring for the training one over there sport training bar. I don't know why. i have one of there black training bars rogue used to sell that they are now selling as there sport training line. Very nice bar. Does not spin super fast but it always spins. The Werksan makes a nice bar. I trained at catalyst many times on them. I like there econo training bumpers also. DHS bars are nice and very whippy. The knurling is a little smooth. i like a little bit of bit. It lets you use a little less chalk. ZKC is a nice bar also very whippy. The knurling on it is very nice. Pendley Is a decent bar. The only thing I don't like about them is taking them apart and re oiling them to keep them with a decent spin. The grip on them is a little smooth.
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