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Breakfast: leftover rotisserie chicken cooked with shredded apple and cinnamon

Lunch: leftover sweet potato and ground turkey stew

Dinner: Cheat meal #3 at Todd's family reunion: fried chicken sandwich (but no mayo) and fries, and a Dr. Pepper. I didn't eat the crazy big sundae dessert everyone else got, though!

workout: open mat, probably about six 5-minute rolls in with breaks in between


Breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon andbaby potatoes cooked with onions

Lunch: stuffed sole with scallops and crabmeat

Snack: the sample at TJ's (two spoonfuls of mac and cheese and about half an ounce of passionfruit mango juice) and half a PB&J bar (so 25 grams)

Dinner: green peppers stuffed with shredded chicken and salsa and onions; a little cheese. except the peppers didn't cook all the way so i didn't eat them.

Snack: a banana and a handful of trail mix

workout: none; Sunday is a rest day


Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch: shredded chicken with salsa and onions and things

Snack: roasted plantain chips

Another snack: raw almonds and raisins

Dinner: Paleo chili with ground beef, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, onions, etc.

Workout: Phase 1 class; we just worked on RNCs and good base and regular throws and stuff. Pretty easy.
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