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In regards to the front squat-clean relationship you stated, I heard that "rule" as well. The thing to be careful with all these hypothetical relationships is that the people who came to that conclusion were probably pulling data from observing lifters with great technique. Without that solid foundation in technique, those relationships become obsolete.

I read somewhere that your snatch should be roughly 60-64% of your back squat (or your squat is roughly 161% of your snatch). Your clean and jerk should be roughly 77-81% of your back squat (or your squat is roughly 126% of your clean and jerk). I'm always really hesitant to throw those numbers around to people I coach/advise because they tend to beat themselves up mentally if they're not hitting those calculated weights; on the other hand, if I don't give it to them, the internet will and I'd rather present and explain those relationships to them.

My advise is to continue refining your technique and build strength through other movements, such as your pulls and squats. Your technique will catch up and you'll be better off for it rather than trying to hit those heavy weights immediately with poor technique. Trust in the work you're putting in -- nothing beats quality volume work when you're learning. This holds especially true for something as technical as the classic lifts. On the same note, if you can get a quality coach to review your movements, it would help dramatically.

I hope this helps you in some way.

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