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Default Calf importance in olympic weightlifting


I friend of mine argues that he lost peak power in the lifts due to that he tore his achilles whiile doing bounding box jumps (seen that one before?). His right calf is 2 years later about 70% of the left and will never assume 100% the doctors say.

Anyway I told him that calfs play a small role and that triple extension is a myth etc. (Ref Don McCauleys Catapult). When I started lifting a trainer told me that the Swedes did it all wrong by standing up in a shrugged position with triple extension. He implemented board snatches (toes out in front) so I would lift flatfooted.

Then I started to dig a little and now I wonder if I was all wrong. This seems to be an ongoing discussion.

So... My question really is. If triple extension is so important: How big influence does the calf strength/quickness play and if it has a role why the heck dont we see programs that strengthen the calf separately ?

If the high bar bs goes up so will the FS after a while.
If the FS goes up so will the Clean after a while after practice.

No where I see that the progression of a stronger calf translates into a bigger Clean.


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