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Default Barbell spin

90% of my training is with a conventional shitty bar. Barely spins. About once a week I go into the UC Berkeley weightlifting room to lift with a good bar on a platform, and get some coaching. I just missed a clean with the shitty bar because of a slow turnover -- catching it high but not getting my elbows through -- and dropped it right on the top of my knee. The clean is a usually a very dependable lift for me. I was doing 75kgx3x3, and missed on the last rep of the last set. So maybe fatigue, but the first 2 sets didn't feel heavy.

I'm fine, just a little shaken up. I'm going to have a hell of a bruise.

Here's the question: how important is the spin of a barbell? I'm weighing two different scenarios:

1. I should dial back the weight and get more consistent technique
2. I need better equipment, specifically a bar that turns over more smoothly

Probably hard to answer without seeing my lifts, but I'd appreciate any discussion.
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