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Javier Sanjuan
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I agree with Colin. First, it's always good to dial back on intensity to work on technique. The emphasis on it, along with strengthening exercises, will serve you well.

Second, it's important the have the right equipment. A bar's spin helps alleviate the stress on the wrist and elbows and (I feel) helps you in your transition to receive the bar. While you don't want to be a prima donna and feel like you can only lift on Eleiko or such brands, lifting on those bars with a bolt nut is very hard -- you simply can't get the feel down. While an Eleiko/Werksan will ultimately be different (better) than a Pendlay, you shouldn't feel as though you can't lift with the Pendlay, either. I also feel that lifting with one of those rough bars makes you think a little too much -- you approach the bar and automatically wonder if you're going to have a smooth turnover instead of having a clear mind and focusing on just the movement.

- Eleiko and Werskan are expensive, but if you have the money, might as well go for the #1 and #2 bars on the market. I have two Eleikos (one about 25+ years old and a newer one) and I love them.

- DHS and Zhangkong are nice, too. I own a DHS bar and actually have it with me to train while I'm deployed -- I have no complaints. Andrew Charniga and Todd Lyons out of sell DHS equipment. They're fair and honest. My friend has a ZKC bar and loved it for it's softer knurling and whip. He also enjoys the Uesaka bar he owns.

- I also own a Pendlay bearing bar. The bar works perfectly fine to do the lifts as well. They come with a solid guarantee. The only thing I don't like about them is the lack of a center knurling, but that's personal preference.

Bottom line: see where you stand financially, then make a decision on which bar to get. They're all going to serve their purpose, but you should definitely move away from those bars you say you're working on. Eventually, that drop on your knee could be something worse.

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