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For the next 13 weeks I will be performing the following hybrid program:

Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - Snatch, Snatch Pull, Front Squat, Push-Ups/Dips
Wednesday - Traversing, Quarter-Mile Repeats
Thursday - Clean & Jerk, Clean Pull, Good Mornings/Back Extensions
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Bouldering (long session)
Sunday - Running

I hope to keep all training sessions below 2 hours.

Over three weeks the weightlifting will start with high volume lower intensity and then decreasing volume and increasing intensity over three weeks with a back-off week (think 5-3-1 but with a different loading and rep scheme for the Oly lifts.) and then starting all over.

The running will be linear with a back-off week ever 4 weeks starting a 1 mile run next Sunday and finishing with a 10.6 mile BSIM event at the end April.

The bouldering/traversing will not require skill acquisition. It will require getting back in climbing shape. In the first month I will be working on building volume. In the second month I will be working on strength and in month three I will be working on performance. Again, there will be three week cycles followed by a one week back-off week. In bouldering intensity is primarily measured by grades V0 to V14. With traversing I will also be modifying intensity with time and wearing a weight vest. I will be using the number of hand movements to measure volume.

If I start to feel like I am overtraining then Wednesdays will turn into a rest day.
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