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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
Two Questions

1) I workout in my garage in east central FL and we are rapidly approaching the hot period of the year. Do you guys have any feelings either way about too hot or too cold. I have been thinking about insulating the garage door panels and putting in a room air conditioner. I have always enjoyed a sweltering workout and have made many a sweat angel in my garage. Any thoughts?

2) The snatch balance is harder than what I expected. I have watched the video many times and have tried it with some different weights. From what I can figure out the exercise is fast (as in I am aggressively getting under the weight). The first time I tried it I did it with a little less than my max snatch and missed it. I guess I now know what my weakness in the snatch is. As much as it pains me I think that some serious practice with PVC is in order tomorrow AM. Any thoughts on what to focus on as I am doing the movement (i.e. dropping under the weight, arms back, active shoulders)?

Thanks in advance.
I have worked out for years in my attic, I stopped liting up there after one of two earthquakes which left cracks in the house because I thought 'heavy' lifts could have aggravated this (and my family was not amused to say the least...basically accusing me to be the cause of the cracks...). Well in this attic in the summer time the temperature was hot ... I mean very hot While this was super for warmup, it was not so good for calluses, which when wet will rip off like nothing when you do the Oly lifts. Gave me one week off one time... So use a towel and lots of chalk to keep the hands dry of sweat.

With the snatch balance I would stay low till the movement is second nature. You will have all the time of the world to break records, once the movement is engrained. Learning it however is not the time to try to do so. And there is nothing embarrasing to use a broomstick if you need to. Proper technique is more important than ugly lifted weights in my opinion. I can snatch balance much more than I can snatch and that is probably a testament of how shitty my snatch it...
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