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Default Question regarding training/improvement

I am a crossfitter turned olympic weightlifter. I discovered crossfit about a year ago and olympic weightlifting was always my favorite part of crossfit itself. About 4 months ago I started going to a weightlifting coach while still doing crossfit workouts 2-3 times a wk in addition to 3 times a wk olympic lifting. I slowly started to do crossfit less, and finally broke my "metcon addiction" just recently by eliminating all crossfit style workouts, no traditional cardio, etc. I attend class with an olympic lifting coach three times a week for about 2 hours each time. The session consists of snatch, C&J, benchpress, either front or back squat and finishes with pulls and RDLs. I attend these classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Monday I do squats alone, as I do not have access to olympic lifting equipment on that day. I am still relatively a beginner, I weigh 59kg and my best C&J is 62kg, snatch is 45kg, back squat is 91kg. I feel since I began olympic lifting training I have certainly gained strength specifically in my lower max C&J and snatch are the same as they were before I began olympic lifting training. I am getting anxious to see some new PRs. The only difference is that now I can complete my 1RMs reliably and with much improved technique. Before, these maxes were sort, I can't believe I somehow threw that up there sort of messes. Now, I can hit them practically any time I try. Still, I want to see my numbers improve as I have seen others around me who started when I did doing the same.
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