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Wow! You are an inspiration!! It is very interesting to hear stories of others who have left crossfit for olympic lifting. For a while it was hard to break my habit of metcons and simply doing too mild case of rhabdo later after a coach's ridiculous programming..that's all it took to launch me into olympic lifting full time. I have about zero interest in crossfit anymore. I just want to lift. It is great to hear your story, really is motivating...sometimes not seeing too much improvement and dealing with the frustrations of constant technique's great to hear such a success story So, how often do you train? I'm wondering if the three times a week is enough at this point, or if I should begin experimenting with additional days of snatch practice in particular? And honestly, what do you eat lol? I came into this in such a crossfit state of mind, ate strict paleo forever and like you found out yourself..I kind of decided that was not the best for my body. I've read in some places that olympic lifters require higher amounts of fat, not particularly large amounts of carbs...and I'm also confused as to how much I really should be eating? I obviously want strength gains..but I'm also confused as I weigh 59kg..if I should try to maintain this weight since I am closer to 58kg class..or if I should gain some to fit into, I apologize for all the questions, still new to this..and I workout with all men, first time I've even had conversation with a woman who is an olympic weightlifter.
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