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Default Transferring to the Olympic Squat

I spent the last 4 months or so, trying to transfer to the Olympic type squat. My previous training history has included a lot of medium distance running and doing a more "powerlifting type squat" where you sit back. However, after working hip & ankle mobility for the last months, my hip mobility has improved a lot. I´m at a point now where I think my biggest issue is ankle mobility. No matter what I do I can´t get my knees more than an inch over my foot in the bottom position. I tried stretching the foot & ankles with straight as well as bent knees, the sitting ankle stretch with a bar on my knees and using the PNF method, but no success.
As I mentioned I previously ran a lot and on top of that, never minded to stretch my calves or ankles. Running like that for about 8 years + no stretching probably didn´t do a lot for ankle/calf mobility.....
But anyway. Seeing a lot of improvement in hip mobility but zero in ankle mobility, What do I do? I can keep doing what I´m doing now, but seeing as I haven´t seen any progress in ankle mobility it doesn´t really seem productive to just keep doing that?
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