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Originally Posted by Peter Möller View Post
Parallel is no problem. Have to admit it, no lifting shoes, more barefootisch.

If I put small plates under my feet i can sit in the bottom with good form with no problems. If it says anything, it´s the same when I do pistols. If I have plates under my heels I can do full ROM pistols, but without it I round my lumbar spine in the bottom. So I´m thinking if I had a little better ankle mobility i could have a greater lean forward in my shins? Or am I wrong? Currently my shins stay almost vertical no matter what I do.

I guess I could just always wear lifting shoes, but somehow I´d like to be able to do it flat footed as well. Maybe that´s a bit stupid..
I never understand why people argue about buying lifting shoes and insist that doing something barefoot is better.

Do baseball, basketball, soccer and football players play barefoot? No. They don't. It would be stupid. Every sport has its own footwear for a reason. No one goes around saying that LeBron James is using his basketball shoes as a crutch.

Be one of the smart people. Buy some lifting shoes.

Stop paying attention to your shin angle. The amount of forward knee travel that you have is dictated by your anthropometry. Buy some shoes, add weight to the bar, and stop thinking about your knees outside of keeping them shoved out.
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