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I see your point on the shoes. However, weightlifting isn´t really my sport, not basketball, football or soccer either. I do however use the Olympic lifts as a complement to my other training. Most my other training is done barefoot and most of my life in general, I´m barefoot.
So I figured I wanted the mobility to be able to do it barefoot as well. But again, you have a good point and I´ll consider the shoes.
I´m starting to think it would be a better idea videotaping my squat to get some help seeing what prevents me from getting in the bottom position without good form. From my point, I just did a lot of research and got to a point where I was convinced that it had to be ankle mobility as I can´t get my hips over my heels and shins being vertical along with the other issues I already mentioned in my previous posts.
But again, might be better to just video tape it.
Thanks alot for your help and input though, I appreciate it!
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