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I understand where you're coming from; I'm a barefoot runner and in general hold on to the idea that I should be able to do everything with as little equipment as possible, which usually means no shoes. When my feet get torn up from running barefoot, that's simply a part of conditioning. So when I started olympic lifting in September, it was with my own equipment in empty parking lots, barefoot. When I did go into a gym to do some heavier squats, it was wearing converse low-top chucks, with a flat sole.

I finally wised up and got olympic lifting shoes for christmas (I got the Again Faster Team Oly Shoes, partly b/c I like the look of a wooden heel and the price is good). Take it from somebody who likes to do everything barefoot: INVEST IN OLY SHOES. It's worth it. Lifting/carrying/throwing weight may be a fundamental human concept, but improving every detail of your olympic lifting technique is not; it's a highly specialized activity and benefits greatly from specialized equipment.

I still run, climb, slackline, surf, and do everything else barefoot, but I love putting on my oly shoes when it's time to go to work
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