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I quick google turns up this:

Scroll down to the 4th page to see where weightlifting rates in terms of safety relative to other activities, including powerlifting and other weight training.

He's just flashing scary pictures.

*Bad technique
.... is bad technique. Get a decent coach?

*"65% of injuries were to shoulders, low back and knees"
Probably the majority of injuries in any sport. These are the parts of the body which are most mobile and subject to the most stress -- except for maybe elbows in throwers and golfers.

*Translation to sport
His points aren't even valid... and later he argues for dynamic lifts. How can dynamic lifts translate to sport and not Olympic lifts?

*Heavy weights can't be moved fast
Weightlifters train to lift the heaviest weight possible, an athlete training for speed and power should obviously work a different part of the Force x Acceleration equation.... ie use lighter weights and the power variations of the lifts.

He obviously has a strong personal bias.
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