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By the way, Coach Sommer has a shoulder series? I missed that.. If you know where I can find it, IŽd appreciate it!
Actually he has a couple of series. One is a band series, one uses some equipment like a barbell or weight plates and dumbbells, and another done with the use of a High Bar.

Well, Liquid Steel was canceled some time ago and the mobility was to be worked into the new Foundation Series (which level 1 of 4 just got released. I have no idea what is really in it as I have not purchased it yet).

Nowadays, you would probably only get access to it if you attended one of the seminars or maybe one of the approved clinics that are sometimes hosted by those connected to Coach Sommer (Carmen Amara hosted a few as did Jeff Severn but I do not know if these are going to be done anymore. Perhaps somewhere done the line after someone gets a certain level of accreditation in the GymnasticBodies system and certification).

I had once intended to film all of it and put into the GymnasticBodies Graduate forum (those who have attended the seminar) but I never really got around to it because of camera and time issues.
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