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As for scaling up training days, it's something that has to be done over time I have found. I think this is more so in my case because I'm 34 and not like I was when I was 22-28 and could just train harder with better recovery.

A lot of times I find it easier to add in a strength session than it is to add a lift session. I ended up taking a break from lifting for about 3 months last year after lifting consistently for nearly 6 (with about 2 weeks off due to a small injury). That 3 months taxed me a lot as I wasn't able to just do both lifts and strength 4 or 5 days back upon starting.

For awhile there, I found it best to just do one lift per session (besides strength), if I was going to lift the next day. I actually found though I recovered better if I did both lifts in one session and then rested a day instead of one lift on back to back days but I generally did not have energy to hit both lifts in a session. I have found that I work one lift in a full fashion and the other as a variant (such as Power Clean [note I never work PC though], Hang Clean, Clean from boxes) it was a bit more doable than trying to do full snatches and clean&jerks (though I generally would do this at least one day a week during our PR Friday).

Now, I'm to the point I really like doing as I said both lifts, but one of the lifts from the hang or boxes. This was actually outlined in the Pendlay beginner program but I had to go back and read that.

This way I can do generally 2 days in a row, then a light/rest day, 2 more days, then a strength day. I don't really have the time to do double sessions per day and frankly they are a pain in the ass if you have to work and commute besides perhaps having a family or SO.

Recovery was also a big issue. I really want to train 5 days straight with strength and assistance on Saturdays but have found I'm just not up to it. Taking Wednesday light or off gives me enough rest to hit it hard come Thursday instead of just lifting pathetically on Wednesday and Thursday.
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