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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post

While I might think it's neat to have a gymnast train cleans and jerks and snatches, I do not feel it's all that necessary. Probably the same could be said for pitchers or quarterbacks.
See this is where American coaches (I say coaches because I know of some sport coaches not allowing the strength coaches to snatch with their players out of fear) are wrong in my opinion, or a number of them anyway.

They are always so scared of hurting their athletes when maybe just maybe, snatching with a pitcher would actually enhance their ability to ward off injuries from sport. I know of strength coaches that will only do pulls with basketball players because they don't want to hurt their wrists.

The guy mentioned coach/athlete ratio's and that certainly could be an issue at some smaller schools but at UT that should be a non issue. Hire as many strength coaches as you need.

But to me the idea of not doing snatches with pitchers or quarterbacks is crazy. Javelin throwers snatch a ton, and the shoulder is easily one of the most important parts of the body to a javelin thrower. Are they exposing themselves to injury or are they strengthening themselves for the demand of their sport? I think the latter.
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