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Default Strength gains and calories

Hi guys.

Im a keen olympic weightlifter and have a couple of questions regarding bodyweight and how to approach it. 7 months ago i was 76kg probly around 15 percent body fat and had a 106kg clean and jerk.

Id heard lots about eating silly amounts to gain strength and so decided for this year i would give it a try. I started GOMAD diet plus 7 meals a day and 3 months later was 90kg and getting a belly haha. Strength gains were crazy and i've done 115kg clean and jerk since then.

At 5 foot 10 ideally i want to be competing at a lean 85kg and not any lighter. but considering im a long way off being competitive i suppose that is not entirely relevant.

What approach do people think is wise/suggest? My current plan is to get back down to a lean bodyweight which is probably about 79kg and be more patient for muscle and strength gains. If you eat a constant caloric intake will you gain muscle mass and weight over time? So i could expect to hit a lean 85 within a few years by just eating healthy and training hard?

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