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breakfast: eggs scrambled with tomatoes and mushrooms, a banana
lunch: some chips and salsa. trapped at home b/c of the snow (and I just couldn't make myself eat that pork stew for the 3rd time in a row)
snack: peanut butter and jelly candy bar from Trader Joe's
dinner: sweet Italian pork sausage with sweet potatoes, collard greens, chicken broth, etc.

Been really watching my diet for the past month or so because I'm on a quest to get back down to my competition weight... well actually I guess lower than my comp weight because I used to walk around at 3 lbs over and cut water or diet the week before and then wear a 3 lb lightweight gi, so my "old" walking weight was about 6 lbs. more than I want to get to. I want to wear whatever gi I want. So I'm about 1/3 of the way there after just under a month (28 days). Hoping 2-3 more months will do it. My goal is to lose gradually and maintain instead of cutting down and regaining after the tournament, as I've always done.

So about 14 pounds to go, but I know the 8 will be easy and those last 6 will be tough because it's been forever.

I've been trying to have a more sustainable diet instead of trying to pretend I'm 100% Paleo or worse, Whole30. But I'm also trying to make sure my cheat meals are limited (smaller portions and only 3-ish times per week is the goal...I get closer each week). The best way to do that is to make sure they're awesomely delicious instead of just any old crap, and to chew tons of gum.

Also trying to not decide on a specific tournament I want to cut weight for until I'm at weight, and THEN I can pick a tournament.
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