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Wow! Just re visited this thread. I had not seen your response. I appreciate the input.

I am 7 months back from surgery. I am doing a lot of bodyweight activities, handstands, some pullups (not a lot) and not doing full ROM at the bottom I"m still a little nervous!

I have been working with Kettle Bells, doing swings, goblet squats, and presses. Not really doing any HEAVY KB snatches or cleans witht the injured arm yet, but working up to them.

I have not done any barbell lifts yet. Part of the reason for that, is because my twins have too many damn toys and have taken up too much space in the garage. I plan to resume that soon though.

I have also been surfing as much as my wife will let me I hope to be back to 100% by July 2013.
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