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Question Snatch v Power Snatch


I am a beggining lifter who has been Olly lifting for 8 months now. I have been having a bit of trouble recently with my snatch, that sometimes afterwards I feel a twinge on my left shoulder.

Approaching my last contest I tweaked my shoulder a few times. It is never bad enough to stop me lifting. Anyway... I snatched 50kg and went to do 55kg. I had a brain fade and power snatched it. I then went to 56 determined to do the movement correctly and I got it, but in the process pulled my shoulder far worse than before. It didn't stop my from C&J but I took it easy (85kg). If that hadn't of been my last lift I wouldn't have snatched again.

Anyway my coach was away, and afterwards I got thinking about quitting snatch for a period of time, and power snatching (as I never hurt it power snatching). I hate snatching, I hate the OHS position, the only thing that has changed is my concern for my shoulder. I want to switch to power snatch for at least until my next meet, march 17. And I have to admit, I also think I will enjoy the sport more.

I ran this by the other coaches around the club and they thought it was a okay idea - but my main coach got back today and did not like the idea. He thinks the shoulder issue is due to my form, and since it doesn't come up at lighter weights, the solution is to scale back what I am doing and work on my form.

I can't argue with his logic, but I am concerned about doing some damage. I am 30 years old and aren't going to so anything career wise with my lifts... I'm just having fun training.

I was just wondering what people's thoughts were?
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