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breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: homemade tuna and veggie salad (with lime juice instead of lemon juice for variety)
snack: a bunch of junk I really shouldn't have eaten...but it was free. I had a brownie, some mini candy bars, some crackers with sauces, a piece of spanakopita, etc.
dinner: frozen terikayi chicken. i was going to eat the leftover pork and sweet potatoes from friday but it was bad so i had to throw it out and went to get a rotisserie chicken but the store was out so i got the only frozen meal with veggies and whole grains (brown rice), also has chicken and snap peas and carrots and red pepper, but the sauce had soy sauce and honey/sugar, so i transferred the thing to a regular plate to get some of the sauce off.
snack: apple and almond butter. because that wasn't enough food.

workout: just did 3 sets of 20 of pushups/situps/jumping jacks; was still sore from the day before

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: I skipped lunch. was freaking out because of a dental problem
dinner: chicken apple sausage with sweet potatoes, kale, zucchini, onion, garlic and spices
snack: an orange

workout: I went to restorative yoga instead of BJJ because I was freaking out about my tooth. I think I prob. need a root canal; will find out for sure next week.
also: got tuina, so at least my arm is getting better, even though my tooth is fucked

breakfast: grated apple cooked with leftover rotisserie chicken and cinnamon
lunch: homemade tuna salad
dinner: Valentine's day dinner--salmon on naan with mango salsa, salad with cheese, bacon and a raspberry vinaigrette, lobster with french peas on parmesan fettucine, apple crumb with whipped cream

workout: none; dinner and comedy night out

breakfast: eggs with salsa, bacon, avocado
snack: a cup of coffee...but I had it with no sugar this time, but it had added cream. not sure which is better.
lunch at 5:30: I made myself eat the chicken and a banana that I brought to the coworking space on my drive from there to open mat; figured I should eat something even though I didn't want to
dinner: Southwestern chili: sweet potatoes, diced tomatoes, onion, green pepper, celery, garlic and spices

workout: open mat; I did 4 or 5 7-minute rounds
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