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Default New to olympic lifting, some questions.

First off let me say that I have looked for the answers to these questions and I just couldnt find them. So I have looked, cant find, so ill just ask myself.

I've been doing olympic lifting for about a year now, main reason for rugby. My best C&J is 88 kg and my best Snatch is 66 kg. I can Clean 104 kg, and my squat is 147 kg. I weigh 77 kg and im 23.

First question: In reading training logs, im a little confused. Im not sure if the sets come before reps or vice-versa. for example, back squat 70% x 6 x 5. I understand that my weight will be 70% of my 1rpm. But is that 6 sets of 5 reps, or 6 reps of 5 sets. my guess would be the first one.

Second question: In regards to diet, whats should be my daily caloric intake? I eat 6 meals a day, lots of grains, vegies, fruits, and clean protein. I calculated my daily intake, and its around 2,900 calories a day. I think thats really low. Especially for a 23 y/o male where i train 2-2.5 hours in the gym and another 2 hours at rugby practice 5 days a week. What should i be aiming for, and yes i know everyones different, so a simple ball park would be fine.

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