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First question: if you're given a percentage or load, it's % x reps x sets. If you're simply told to do an exercise, it's the exercise x sets x reps.

Second question: you should ask yourself how you're feeling. If you're content with your movements, your lifts, your performance on the pitch, and how well you're recovering, then you're nutrition is on par. If your goal is to gain mass and get stronger, or if you're struggling to recover, then I would say you need to evaluate your diet and possibly eat a little more. Bob Takano's recent book recommended consuming something along the lines of 66-77 calories per kg of bodyweight for the weightlifter. You do the lifts and play rugby. As always, an important note to make is that a wholesome diet is better than just a random diet consisting of junk food in an effort to get the caloric recommendation, and that supplements are exactly what their name suggest. They are to supplement your daily consumption, not replace meals.

I hope that helps you.

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