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Default "Glossary of terms" for Olympic weightlifting?

This is going to be a really basic question, but bare with me. I searched but couldn´t find anything so decided to ask. As the title says or with a better word, I´m looking for some sort of lexicon to "OLY-terms" & lingo.
What I´m mostly confused about is the way sets & reps are noted.
For example............
Snatch Pull - (95%/2)2, 100%/2
Back Squat - 70%/3, 75%/3, (80%x2)3

Am I completely off thinking Snatch Pulls are 2 sets of doubles at 95% and 1 double at 100%?
Back Squat - 3 reps at 70%, a reps at 75% and 3 sets of doubles at 80%?

One more thing. When talking about doubles, is this just another way of saying 2 reps or do they differ somehow in execution?

Thanks in advance!
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