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I think the structure itself is fine, but I would probably look to get some more variation week to week on weights and even exercises. Generally working in 4-week blocks with 3 building and 1 back off week is good, although masters may find 2 and 1 better.

Try doing a different pull variations. One idea would be to do those segment pulls wk 1, do only 1 pause wk 2, and do normal pulls wk 3 w weights increasing each wk.

I would also get some variety in the sn and cln and jerks - if you're doing those same reps/sets/weights week in and week out, it's not even a stimulus anymore. Build wts over that 2-3 wk period up to max, then back off. You can reduce the reps as you go, or change the variation, such as doing say a 2 or 3 position snatch, then doubles, then singles. Lots of ways to do it.
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