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Default Please critique snatch & clean

Hi all, I have always followed the videos on Youtube, but I join the forum to know your opinions about my surveys, I am from a country that speaks Spanish, so please, use words not so technical and difficult to translate, is a request.

Well just as an introduction, about 1 month I've been practicing weightlifting, is still a need to improve the technique.


From my perspective, I see that the bar me from the body forward (swinging), and I can not tiptoe or terminate the extension or 2nd pull.


Here, I think that I can not bring the bar to the position of power, and also not to extension or tiptoe achievement.

I also believe that in both lifts, the extension is too upright?

soon a video of jerk

I would ask your suggestions of errors that you can see and how to correct them, thank you very much and see you soon.

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