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Originally Posted by Harlan Schulze View Post
You do the same thing as me on your snatch (perhaps the clean also)

The weight comes too far forward onto your toes and makes your receiving position feel crappy (it does for me)

To fix this focus on keeping the weight in your heels longer, until the bar is around the pockets then pull. I did this today and it fixed my lift
Thx, Harlan, I had already read before, but that means more time to keep the weight on your heels?, ie, keeping the foot flat on ground contact, to bring the bar to pocket (power position) and then just start the triple extension?

Something to understand is that the starting position the bar is on the ball of the foot, and when you raise the bar, pass the weight toward the heels, this would be what you say sweep or "S"?

pd. sorry for the English, not my native language.

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