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Clean -

Not bad. I would keep you a bit more upright though - knees to far back too soon so your shoulders are too far forward of the bar.

be more patient w the arms and keep your upper back locked in - use your body to get that final explosion on the bar. Right now you're rowing it a bit, which is why your upper back curls down over the bar rather than staying extended and moving up and back as you extend at the top.

Snatch -

Chest up a bit more as you're moving from the floor to the knees. Wait longer to extend the hips (explode/jump) - get the bar up to at least mid-thigh - part of this is staying flat-footed w pressure on the heels to this point as well.

Keep your eyes forward throughout the lift - that means don't whip your head back at the top of the pull, and don't look down once it's overhead. The head whip may be contributing to your somewhat excessive hip through the bar with no leg drive at the top. Get teh bar to mid to upper thigh, then explode the hips open AS you punch your heels down through the floor.

Don't try to catch the snatch in the bottom - catch it where you lift it, which with this weight is obviously fairly high. But you do need to ride it down into the squat immediately and smoothly as one action rather than pausing. However, you can't do that in this case because you're moving forward and have to stabilize and reposition in order to squat. Fix your balance in the pull and this will be much easier.
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