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That third clean, you just swept your feet back out from under you a bit, although you did get them back on the floor flat better like dan suggested. When you transition the feet, think of punching the heels down flat directly under the bar.

The jerk is strong, but you're moving back away from the bar a bit. When you split, reach the hip and the front heel forward and put your hips right under the bar. In this case, it's probably more the result of you over-reaching the back foot. Think of almost pushing it down rather than throwing it back and see if that helps.

Snatch Miss -

I would chalk the whole miss up to not getting your weight back enough as you came off the floor. Being slightly forward made you start your explosion a bit early and made you move into the bar rather than being able to continue to move the bar back into your body. Then the entire extension is a bit forward, the bar moves forward, and you move back away from it on the way under - no way to really make it at that point.
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