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Glad to hear you are on the mend and keeping active. Hopefully you will not have any restriction in your range of motion in your elbow.

As I explained in my post a few months back I lost some range of motion in what I think is called pronation of the elbow. Forcing my arm past the range of motion when I have the bar in position after completeing the clean is putting pressure on my shoulder joint and starting to cause a lot of pain there and slowing down my progress, it's frustrating. I'm also afraid of causing damage to the shoulder joint. I'm going to look into physiotherapy and see if there is anything I can do to regain some range of motion. Unfortunately I think it's permanent and all I can do is keep the shoulder as healthy as possible.

If you are interested in Olympic lifting you may want to identify any range of motion issues early and address so they don't restrict you later. Just some thoughts based on my experience. Best of luck!
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