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Default Chris Ryan's Training Log

Hey guys. I started the Training Program "4-Wk Leg Strength Block 1" yesterday. I'll be posting my daily results on here leading up to a meet on April, 13th. Coming from a Bulgarian-style approach to a more moderate intensity, higher volume program should be interesting. I'll be adding some deficit work to shore up my positions from the floor. Thanks for any input!

-Chris Ryan
115kg Snatch Max
140 C+J Max
365lb Front Squat
425lb Back Squat
all maxes as of 3.9.13

Day one Leg Strength Block #1
Back Squat 3 sets of 10@275.
Mid thigh hang snatch 5 sets of 3@165
Halting snatch dead from deficit 3 sets of 3@205.
OHS 5 sets of 3@205.

Felt pretty, pretty awful. F*ck volume. Let's start adapting...
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