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Default Hitting clavicle-sternum junction during clean

So I have been working on my oly lifts for the last few months and noticed that my elbow rotation must be off on my clean. For one, when I receive the bar I notice an impact so the transition isn't going as smoothly as I'd like. Secondly, when I do receive the bar, its hitting the small U right above my sternum causing some bruising and swelling. But I'll notice (and make it a strong point) to have my elbows up and forward. Its just during the initial receive that this happens. I instinctively wince now and pull the bar a little forward (just to get it off of my collar bone) when I lock out my legs at the end of the clean, preparing for the jerk.

I know I have the delts to prevent this, I can FSquat 295, jerk 215. Its just got to be my form. I'm not even going very heavy, usually doing power cleans around 185-205. I'm wondering what I can do to work on receiving the bar more smoothly.

I've been watching tons of videos, reading a lot -> this was really helpful but in practice I'm still not making a smooth transition in my third extension and rotation.

Also, I have not quite developed my full squat clean. Something I'm working on but I want to make sure I have a smooth transition into receiving the bar before I do this. I would hate to break my collar bone from the bar coming down too hard or some other technical issue.

What are the best exercises to work on the transition??
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